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    History and Details on BJI

    Blackjack Insider is a free monthly newsletter and web site dedicated to blackjack and gambling. Each issue includes approximately 8 or more articles by world reknown experts such as Henry Tamburin, Ken Smith, Joe Pane, Fred Renzey, Dan Pronovost, Bill Burton, Frank Scoblete, Jean Scott, and many others. As well as gaming articles, we also provide local blackjack casino playing condition reports, and the most qualified expert advise on blackjack tournaments.

    You can read past issues online: Blackjack Insider has been published every month since 2001. The e-mail newsletter has over 15,000 fully opt-in subscribers (which we send to twice a month). This is heavily 'pruned' of bounces (three-bounces and then out), so these are real subscribers ONLY from our fully opt-in online sign-up (NO external lists or 'fluff' sign-ups). We see this as our bounce rate is typically only 200 or less for each 15,000 mailing. So, 15,000 is REAL eyeballs, reading every month! And, we're not on any blacklists (our maillist company ensures this with AOL, and the other sites that monitor/filter).

    We have very high search engine rankings, typically PR 3 or 4 (on the first or second page of searches). We generally have about 20,000 unique web site visitors per month (by IP address), and 200,000 hits.

    Blackjack Insider is well known in the gambling community, and very highly cross linked with many large gambling web sites. For example, '', the top Google result on the popular search term 'blackjack', has a front page link directly to Many other sites, such as and, also prominently link to BJI.

    About 76% of our web site visitors are from the US, 5% Canadian, 3% from the United Kingdom, 2% from Australia, 1% Germany, and the remaining countries comprise 1% or lower.

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