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Golden Touch Blackjack:
Itís revolutionary. Itís new. Itís now!

Golden Touch Blackjack

The first students have finished taking The Golden Touch Blackjack class, learning the remarkable SPEED COUNT, also the new basic strategy that gives excellent camouflage, and how to take advantage of everything the casinos have to offer (comps, coupons, etc.) Ė all in just two days of instruction.

And what are they saying about their newfound advantage-play skills?

"Finally a card counting system that is easier to learn and master than basic strategy," stated John Hogan.

Barry Sonengeld wrote, "If the casinos have your money from playing blackjack in the past, you can get revenge now!"

James McGrath agreed, "To learn a count system, a brand new count system, in only two days and getting an edge is great."

Here are some other comments by the students who took the course:

"Speed count is easy to learn."

"Great course with the math that proves it works!"

"Excellent course, well instructed, with lots of information and ideas."

"The course should definitely pay for itself by applying the methods. Thank you!"

"Worth more than the cost. When the GTB people start getting feedback, the cost will and should go up. The simplicity of Speed Count is amazing!"

"Excellent course for players of all skill levels."

"Two days is all it took for me to go from a loser at blackjack to an advantage player. The course is amazing."

"Coming in as a novice to the game, I feel comfortable now to sit at a low minimum table and playing with the edge."

"I now have the confidence I need when playing blackjack."

"This course is great! I've always wanted to learn a system to give me the edge - this is it!"

"This is wonderful! I'm so excited to have a system that gives me an edge when playing blackjack. I've been playing for years ands overall pretty much break even. Now I'm looking forward to winning more!"

"I've tried other counting methods. This is the easiest one to use!"

"Frank told me he could teach Speed Count to a 12 year old. I doubted him, but it's true! If I can do it, anyone can. Thanks for a great 2 days."

Still room to sign up now!

Why not join the blackjack revolution and learn the new Speed Count by taking Golden Touch Blackjack and become an advantage player? The course is only $895 and none of the information about Speed Count can be found anywhere except in the Golden Touch Blackjack course.

Visit the main web site for GTB for the lastest schedule and course dates:

Give us a call at 1-866-WIN-BJ21 to sign up or for more information.

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