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BJI recommends... Be the Dealer online Casino

Be The Dealer Online Casino

Why should I play Blackjack Online?

Unless you've never browsed the web or opened an e-mail, you've heard about online casinos. They're everywhere... hundreds of them screaming out at you from popup ads and spam. If you've never played at an online casino, you're probably very hesitant to do so, even if you're a regular land-casino patron.

Playing blackjack at a reputable online casino is very similar to playing at a land casino with a continuous shuffling machine, with the following exceptions:

  • Play in the comfort of your own home: no need to go anywhere, play in your pjs if you want, whenever you want. No more noise, intimidation from other players and the dealer... just blackjack.
  • Play at your own pace: BJI has always encouraged players to use perfect basic strategy, yet the fast pace and distractions of land-casinos can add up to costly mistakes. When you play online, you can take all the time you need, and freely consult strategy charts.
  • Great sign-up bonuses: Imagine walking into a land-casino for the first time, and a hostess walks up and says, "Welcome sir, thank you for visiting our casino! Here's $200 to enjoy playing... please be our guest!". Online casinos want your business, and are willing to offer attractive first-time bonuses to get you playing.

How do I know they are playing a fair game?

A common question is whether the games are fair. Since the game is online, they could easily stack the decks or cheat, and increase their advantage.

First off, online casinos can make a lot of money without cheating. Just like land casinos, they have an edge in most games, and tend to make much more since the average player rarely follows ideal strategy. The reality is that most online casinos are very successful fiscally, so cheating is not required to make a profit.

It is true that some on-line casinos have been caught cheating: Be The Dealer is not one of them! As with most things, stick with the 'big boys' that have been around the longest, and you're less likely to be dealing with sharks. Be The Dealer is well known in the industry as one of the most trusted online casino. Many blackjack web sites, such as, endorse and promote Be The Dealer.

Why should I play online at Be the Dealer?

Not all online blackjack games are equal. The rules and bonuses vary enormously. We've carefully reviewed many online games, and selected Be The Dealer as a superior choice for our BJI subscribers:

  • Best sign-up bonuses: Be The Dealer has a great 100% match bonus on your first deposit, up to $200!
  • Play as the dealer: with certain restrictions, you can play as the dealer against other live players! This lets you take advantage of the edge normally reserved for the house. There are limits on this unique play option, but it's an interesting twist that Be The Dealer permits.
  • Fair game: We've caught some online casinos cheating... it does happen. There's nothing stopping an online casino from stacking the cards in subtle or even obvious ways. Only by playing test money accounts, checking public accounts and forums, and carefully reviewing the site and contracts, can you make a fair assessment of any online casino. We've audited many online casinos, and Be The Dealer is one of the best ones out there. We trust them to deliver a fair game.
  • Good blackjack rules: While not the best blackjack rules available, Be The Dealer has good rules that keep their house edge to a minimum. Be wary of online casinos that have rules too good to be true (such as single or double deck games that claim to not reshuffle)... you may get burned.

Ok, sounds good. How do I get started?

Great! Take advantage of our Be The Dealer superior sign-up bonus and you can't go wrong!

  1. Download the software: Click here to download the casino software so you can play from your computer. It's virus free, and does not contain spyware or other junk... they want you to play, so there's no reason for Be The Dealer to do that!
  2. Play for free, and try it out: The software is free, and Be The Dealer let's you try it out first with a 'play account' without risking any real money. Give it a whirl, and make sure you're comfortable with the software and games.
  3. Open a real-money account: Once you're comfortable, open up a real money account. You can make a transfer through a number of different payment options that are described in their software.
  4. Get a sign-up bonus: 100% match bonus up to $200 on your first deposit.
  5. Fine print... minimum play requirements: It wouldn't be fair if you could just cashout your winnings right away. Be The Dealer Has very reasonable minimum play requirements for bonuses, requiring players wager in total 22 times the amount of the deposit and 22 times the amount of the bonus. For example, if you deposit $200 and get the $200 bonus, you must make total wagers of $4400 before you can cashout any profits. If you happen to lose (i.e. have less than your initial deposit), there are no restrictions on cashouts.

That's it! Join the millions who have started playing online and get the bonuses waiting for you!

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