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BJI Newsletter, July 2008, #102


You will want to read Kenneth Smith's article first if you want to get in on the Biggest Blackjack Tournament Ever. This is one hell of an event, and one hell of a terrific deal. Have you ever wondered what you would say or do if a brawny casino security guard asked you to come with him to the 'back room?" This and many other thorny questions are contained in an interview that Joe Pane conducted with the famous Las Vegas attorney Bob Nersesian (author of "Beat the Players"). Don't miss reading this article... it could save your butt if you ever get harassed, barred, backed off, or worse trespassed while playing blackjack! Part 2 of Fred Renzey's excellent article on "So You Wanna be a Card Counter" is in this issue. Renzey's analysis of a card counter's win rate and bankroll requirements may be an eye opener for many readers. Some pairs are split to turn a losing hand into a winner. Others are split either to minimize our losses, or to maximize our gains. Alan Krigman sorts it all out in his article on pair splitting. Golfer and casino player Ted Salveson revisits his favorite casino (Luxor), and he reports on the many changes being made at this Strip property. Likewise, Frank and Alene Scoblete report on the latest changes to blackjack playing conditions in Atlantic City (including a new number one casino for blackjack in AC, plus details on a new book on advantage slot machines). If you want to learn about the advantages of team play at blackjack vs. playing solo (ala the MIT Team), then read my article (you may be surprised at some of the advantages). LVBear is growling again and we've got his latest growls against some casinos for doing "stupid things," plus some good advice on whether you should talk to the local police if you get barred or back-roomed. The Babe reminisces about several tournament players who are no longer with us. He also proposes starting a "Blackjack Tournament Player's Hall of Fame," and is asking for BJI subscriber's input on nominees. There are several different types of Texas Hold'em games... limit and no-limit are the most popular but there are others... Bill Burton explains in this months "All About Poker" column. Lastly, we have a summary of upcoming blackjack tournaments courtesy of, and there are several exciting ones on the horizon.

Congratulation to BJI writer Joe Pane on his new radio show "Queens vs. Kings-It's All About Position," which airs on Thursday evenings at 7pm Eastern Time on Joe is the number one ranked blackjack tournament player, and along with co-host Lupe Soto (Founder of Ladies International Poker Series), bring poker and blackjack to Holdem Radio.

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Henry Tamburin


Beat the PLayers book

Beat the Players by Bob Nersesian

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    "Joe Pane interviews Las Vegas attorney Bob Nersesian, who is famous for successfully defending the civil rights of advantage players (APs) from the often bullying and illegal tactics used by casinos to harass them..."

    Read Pane's complete article.


    "Card counting is not something you throw a few dollars together for, then go out and win a fortune. On any given day, Lady Luck will have more to say about your outcome than any amount of skill you'll be able to apply. That's just the wild nature of gambling. It takes a real, honest-to-goodness bankroll if you're going to survive the wicked swings - and there will be some wicked swings..."

    Read Renzey's complete article.


    "By the time you read this, there will only be a handful of days left to register and play in the final monthly qualifier in the largest prize pool blackjack tournament ever fielded. So, why haven't you heard about this before now? Well, frankly, this event popped up as a big surprise to the entire tournament community..."

    Read Smith's complete article.

     Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows


    "Bettors are allowed to split pairs in blackjack and play each split hand separately. This is among the features of the game that moderate the otherwise huge edge that dealers would have by acting last (i.e., after all the players have acted on their hands). But many solid citizens question at least some of the splits dictated by Basic Strategy for four key reasons. Understanding them helps instill confidence, as well as decide whether, or when, it's safe, if not prudent, to flout "the book..."

    Read Krigman's complete article.

    TED VISITS LUXOR (AGAIN) by Ted Salveson

    "Michael Holland, who is my host at the Luxor, called me and said my favorite two words: "casino" and "golf." So off I went to join up with several other players in Las Vegas..."

    Read Salveson's complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site

    ADVANTAGES OF TEAM PLAY by Henry Tamburin

    "When a group of card counters form a team, they pool their individual bankrolls into one large bankroll (known as a joint bank). So what's the big deal about combining bankrolls, you ask..."

    Read Tamburin's complete article.

    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Frank and Alene Scoblete

    "The latest blackjack changes from Atlantic City including a new number one casino for playing blackjack from Frank Scoblete and his team of reporters..."

    Read Scobletes' complete article.


    "In days of yesteryear, Tournament Blackjack survived and prospered, not just by the efforts of a few, but by the support of a large group of loyal participants, who returned again and again to their favorite events. They loved the game, and discovered, as I did, that tournament players were the best group of people one could hope to find anywhere. Tournaments became social events, and they were not to be missed without a good reason..."

    Read The Babe's complete article.

    Poker Drill Master for Windows


    "More growls, plus some solid advice from casino critic LVBear..."

    Read LVBear's complete article.


    "There are several variations of Texas Hold'em, and they are determined by their betting structure. Limit and No Limit games are the two most popular, but you can also find the game played with Pot limits and Spread limits..."

    Read Burton's complete article.


    Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments in July and August by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report courtesy of

    Read our tournament schedule.

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