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BJI Newsletter, September, #116

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I recently received three inquiries from BJI subscribers who wanted information on these topics: how to avoid detection in a casino when you are card counting; what's the best way to play in accumulation blackjack tournaments; and where can I find good blackjack games on cruise ships in Florida. I'm happy to report that we have answers to all three questions in this month's issue of the BJI. Vinny DeCarlo, a one-time casino surveillance professional, offers sage advice to card counters who want to stay under the casino radar (must reading). Tournament Pro Kenneth Smith presents a sound (but aggressive) strategy for accumulation tournaments. And Atlantic City reporter Rich reports on a good blackjack game on a cruise ship located on the east coast of Florida (he also reports on where to find good blackjack games in St. Maarten). Speaking of Atlantic City, in this month's Atlantic City Report Frank Scoblete summarizes who the winners were at the recent World Casino Championships held in Las Vegas. (This was a first-rate event, and I had a chance to personally meet many BJI subscribers there. Kudos to Frank Scoblete, Dominator, and their top-notch staff of instructors for putting on an outstanding event for casino players.) In other articles, Ralph Stricker describes how he got started teaching blackjack, and what happened when someone paid him to play. Mark Billings continues his series on shuffle tracking, and JPB reports on the playing conditions in St. Louis (a few good games worth playing). Think you know the basic playing strategy? Check out Joe Pane's article and see if you get all the plays correct (caution: it isn't easy). "The Babe" presents an interesting and very informative article on critiquing the play of Ken Smith's opponents as described by Smith in his article in last month's BJI (if you are a tournament player, don't miss reading this article; you'll find some great analysis and advice on how much you should bet in certain situations). Jerry "Stickman" concludes his series on dice control with some good pointers on establishing a 401-G (good advice for blackjack players, too), and offers tips on when a dice controller should stop playing. Meanwhile, poker pro Bill Burton begins a new series on Texas Hold'em titled Texas Hold'em A to Z. This month he discusses Aces. Lastly, we have the schedule of major blackjack tournaments courtesy of

Henry Tamburin

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    BJI Newsletter, September 2009, #116
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    "So there you are, grinding away, heads up on a decent game with better than average penetration with a dealer giving you hundreds of decisions per hour. The floor people are oblivious to your bet spreads. Life is good, or so you think. You've over looked the obvious! Someone is watching you, Surveillance..."

    Read DeCarlo's complete article.

    HOW IT BEGAN-Part 7 by Ralph "Silver Fox" Stricker

    "After having taught for a number of years you get a sense of which students are going to be serious about assimilating, practicing, and putting into practice everything that I taught them, and which ones are just wasting their money. My guess is that only 5% of my students would practice and be able to play and count correctly..."

    Read Stricker's complete article.

    SHUFFLE TRACKING 101- Part 4 by Mark Billings

    "Before continuing, I'd like to address something that was brought to my attention by one of the readers of the Blackjack Insider. This is something that all readers should understand, not only about shuffle tracking, but about blackjack in general, and it is something readers should understand before attempting to track any shuffle..."

    Read Billings' complete article.

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    "Here, in my opinion, are some of the hands that almost all recreational players are misplaying, along with a good deal of players who claim to have mastered basic strategy. If you have misplayed any of these hands, you need to seriously review your knowledge of basic strategy..."

    Read Pane's complete article.


    "There are a total of six casinos in the St. Louis area. Blackjack conditions vary dramatically between them. Reviewing the information below before visiting is advisable to make the most out of any St. Louis casino visit..."

    Read JPB's complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site

    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Frank and Alene Scoblete

    "The World Casino Championships was a raging success with players coming in from Canada, Mexico, Australia as well as the United States from Maine to Hawaii. This was a private event, not associated with any casinos, and it took place at a non-casino hotel. Here's a summary of what went down..."

    Read Scoblete's complete article.


    "Opponents who've seen me play in a few blackjack tournaments are sometimes shocked when I display a completely different tactic. They come in expecting my typical ultra-conservative minimum bets at the start of the round, only to see me risk everything on the very first hand. It's true, I sometimes play this way. And as a result, my round is sometimes over in the first hand or two. If that seems especially brutal, given that I've often traveled across country to attend the event, I can tell you that it is. It's tough to fly a thousand miles to play one hand of blackjack, but I've done it before and I'll do it again..."

    Read Smith's complete article.

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    "This is a comment on, or addition to, last month's Blackjack Insider entrée from Kenneth R. Smith, titled Automatic Pilot, which was a most excellent offering. It deals with the last three hands of an actual tournament round, where Mr. Smith claims his best bets were exactly determined by the actions of his opponents..."

    Read The Babes's complete article.


    "The first thing you should do, if you haven't already done so, is to set up a separate bank account for your gambling money. If you feel you don't have enough money to do this, then you should not be going to casinos..."

    Read Stickman's complete article.

    TEXAS HOLD'EM A TO Z: A IS FOR ACES by Bill Burton

    "This is the first article of a new series titled Texas Hold'em A-Z that will be appearing in the Blackjack Insider. Each monthly article in this new series will cover a topic on Texas Hold'em, and there will be one article for every letter of the alphabet beginning with the letter A and ending with the letter Z (i.e., 26 articles). Of course, I will start with the letter A, and it's only fitting that my first article is on Aces..."

    Read Burton's complete article.


    "Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments in September and October by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report courtesy of"

    Read the complete tournament schedule.

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