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BJI Newsletter, July 2012, #150

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Vinny DeCarlo continues his series on casino scams with a true story about a new dealer helping him run a roulette table at a break-in casino in Vegas (you'll be surprised at what happened to Vinny, the good guy, when the bust went down). We have several casino and blackjack-condition reports including Bellagio and Caesars Palace (Stu D. Hoss); Mandalay Bay and Luxor (KC Brooks); all the casinos in Kansas City (JPB); Horseshoe casino in Cleveland (Mark Gruetze), and all the casinos in Atlantic City (Frank Scoblete and Alene Paone). Frank Scoblete also investigated and reports on "Sex at the Shore." Basil Nestor presents data to answer the question, "Is a 1% edge in blackjack really a big deal?" (The results may surprise you.) John Grochowski answers reader's questions dealing with electronic blackjack games with live dealers; strategy changes in different deuces wild video poker games; and how to toke a dealer in Let it Ride (interesting suggestion). Frank Kneeland concludes his series on how to determine if a video poker machine is "fair." His article includes a link to download a utility that you can use to check the integrity of any video poker machine (a first, as far as I know). Last, but not least, we have a schedule of upcoming major blackjack tournaments, courtesy of


Our friends at the American Casino Guide are offering BJI subscribers a special price of only $10.75 (plus $4 shipping) for a copy of the 2012 edition of the American Casino Guide (ACG). The book retails in bookstores for $18.95 and sold on for $11.71, so this is currently the lowest price available for buying the book. ACG has been published annually since 1992 and it's the most comprehensive book available for information on all U.S. casinos, including all casino/resorts, riverboats, and Indian casinos in 41 states. The 2012 edition of ACG contains 496 pages of detailed information on every U.S. casino, plus it includes more than $1,000 in valuable casino coupon offers! There are 198 coupons in the book that can save you more than $1,000 at some the best known casinos in the country including: Harrah's, Hilton, Foxwoods, Riviera, Coast casinos, Flamingo, Hard Rock, The Palms, Tropicana, and many more! Offers include: Free shows, Free buffets, Free slot play, Free hotel rooms, Free match play money, Free drinks, great discounts, and more! For a detailed list of all coupons click here. To buy the book at the special $10.75 price, just click here. This offer only available until July 15th... buy now!


Our POM this month is the ebook Legends of Blackjack by Kevin Blackwood and Larry Barker. The book contains amazing stories of blackjack players (and teams) who crushed casinos here and abroad (great summer read). Only $9.99 (available as PDF download or for Amazon Kindle). Click here to read more about this book.

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In the Article Spotlight

The Spotlight article this month appeared in issue #58 of BJI. Fred Renzey offers a few scientific and "artful" things you can do to increase your edge at blackjack. Click here to read the article.

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    BJI Newsletter, July 2012, #150
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    REACH FOR THE SKY by Vinny DeCarlo

    "Though not stupid, this kid was new and had some bad habits that he learned from a dealing school that just turned him out. However, one thing that he did was new to me. He would constantly raise his right arm, as if someone had pulled a gun on him, then bend it at the elbow and touch the middle of his back. Strange..."

    Read DeCarlo's complete article.


    "Caesars is split into two primary casino areas: the Forum Casino and the Palace Casino. The high limit room is known as Palace Court and is located across from the Palace Casino. We'll start with the bad - the Forum Casino..."

    Read Hoss' complete article.


    "Located in the south end of the Strip, basically, the last casino on the right is Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Rising out of the desert like a shimmering bar of gold, Mandalay Bay is the ultimate in adult playgrounds. Connected at the hip is THEhotel, a luxurious tower also glimmering in the desert sun..."

    Read Brook's complete article.


    "It has been over a year since my last report on the Kansas City area casinos, and so an update seems warranted. Since my last report, the first new casino to the area was opened since the 1990s ... Hollywood Casino in early 2012. What follows is an updated report on blackjack at the existing four Kansas City casinos, including the new Hollywood casino..."

    Read JPB's complete article.

     Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows


    "The most intriguing attribute of the new Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland is visible at the entrances: a huddle of smokers gathered outside to puff away. The reason: The interior is completely nonsmoking, as required by Ohio law..."

    Read Gruetze's complete article.

    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Frank Scoblete and Alene Paone

    "The latest playing conditions in all of the AC casinos plus Frank Scoblete's "investigation" of "Sex at the Shore."..."

    Read Scobletes' complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site

    IS 1% A BIG DEAL? by Basil Nestor

    "Is 1% a big deal? Yes, sort of, but it may take a while for you to notice. Allow me to explain..."

    Read Nestor's complete article.

    CASINO ANSWER MAN by John Grochowski

    "Grochowski answers questions covering electronic blackjack games with live dealers; strategy changes for different Deuces Wild video poker games; and how to make a toke bet for the dealer in Let it Ride..."

    Read Grochowski's complete article.

    DOUBT HUNTING - Part 3 by Frank Kneeland

    "Welcome to the third and final part of my series of articles on doubt in the fairness and randomness of video poker machines. It is not my intention to suggest that machines are unfair, nor is it my intention to assure you that they are fair. So many people worry about such things that I feel that a detailed description on how to prove it to yourself is in order. I've always been an advocate of skepticism when warranted; when your money is on the line and others could profit from deception, skepticism seems the prudent course..."

    Read Kneeland's complete article.


    "Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments in July and August by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report courtesy of"

    Read the tournament report.

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