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BJI Newsletter, July 2014, #174

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I regret to inform you that BJI contributing writer Vinny De Carlo passed away. Vinny was a well-respected expert in the field of casino surveillance who wasn't afraid to reveal insider secrets to players via his informative and entertaining BJI articles. I have several of his articles that he sent me before he passed, and as a tribute to Vinny, I intend to publish them in future issues of the BJI. It's only fitting that this month's Article Spotlight is an article written by Vinny on the History of Casino Surveillance. I enjoyed working with Vinny, not only on his articles, but also on his groundbreaking ebook that we published (How To Beat Casino Surveillance). Rest in peace my friend.

This month's issue of the BJI begins with a somewhat different article that Vinny wrote about a compulsive gambler who commited suicide (read how in his article). Vinny told me that even though he was in the casino business, he felt sorry for players who couldn't control their gambling habit, and he hoped his article will be a wake-up call for them. We have several blackjack-condition reports from Las Vegas: Caesars Palace and Bellagio (by KC Brooks), and South Point, Silverton, and M casinos (by Stu D. Hoss). You'll also read an excerpt from Frank Scoblete's new book ( I am a Card Counter) about his "tuition runs" to Vegas; a complete strategy for the surrender rule (by yours truly); and answers to reader's questions dealing with the Suit'em Up blackjack side bet, Spin Poker, and single-zero roulette (by John Grochowski). On the video poker front, Jerry "Stickman" presents the complete playing strategy for Super Bonus Deuces Wild video poker, and I've summarized the differences between Class II vs. Class III video poker machines. Lastly, we have the schedule of blackjack tournaments across the U.S. courtesy of

I also want to mention my friend Steve Bourie's new free American Casino Guide App for Android that allows you to get detailed information on any casino on your Android devices. You can download the FREE app at (For Iphone and Ipad devices, download his FREE app at

Enjoy this issue!

Henry Tamburin

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In the Article Spotlight

This article appeared in BJI issue #121, and it explains the history of casino surveillance as only Vinny could do it.



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