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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, December 2002, #36



More than three years ago, I founded a discussion group for serious blackjack players, which I christened Donís Domain. This past summer, when the host site,, changed ownership, I decided to expand the scope of my services to offer the highest possible level of blackjack knowledge anywhere on the Web.

It gives me great pleasure to present Donís Domain ó the most informative, comprehensive, reliable blackjack site on the Internet today ó which provides its subscribers with an unprecedented level of expertise and personalized attention.

With it I am proud to present The Masters of Blackjack: six of the most highly respected, well-known blackjack authorities in the world today, who join me in answering subscribersí questions and providing thought-provoking research on a daily basis. John Auston, George C., James Grosjean, Cacarulo, Karel Janecek, and Norm Wattenberger have collaborated in this unprecedented joint venture.

Each day, readers have access to these greatest minds in the blackjack industry, as they "hold court" in our three Masters forums and one bonus forum:

Main Forum

An "anything goes," general page, where the range of topics is as diverse as the interests of our members. Appropriate for professionals and beginners alike.

Theory & Math

Covers in-depth theoretical and mathematical concepts. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

Software & Simulations

For all players, this forum covers usage of simulators and practice/training software, with an emphasis on using simulators to enhance play and improve overall understanding of the game.

Viktor Vektor

Our bonus forum, hosted by RGE owner and Internet guru Viktor Nacht. Dedicated to digital security, privacy issues, and alerts of specific interest to advantage players.

For a preview of recent topics that have been discussed in the above forums, readers can go to the site and click on the Free Preview in the Donís Domain section.

In addition, Donís Domain offers a growing number of other attractive features:

Forum Archives

The most important and memorable posts of both our Masters and our subscribers are archived in two sites: Best of the Masters and Distinguished Posts. As time goes on, each of these archives will be filled with the best that Don's Domain has had to offer.

Chats and Chat Archives

Hosted by our resident Masters and guest stars, our regular chats will give live access to the greatest minds in the game. In addition to an archive of new chats, readers will get access to a fascinating archive of previous years' chats with historic blackjack figures.

Challenges and Prizes

Our Masters will offer ongoing challenges relating to the game of blackjack, with the winner(s) receiving prizes from the RGE and Mastersí product lines. The first contest, held in October, posed a stimulating question on basic strategy, which resulted in our identifying the five closest plays in the game.

10% Product Discount

Don's Domain subscribers receive 10% off of any regularly priced item in RGE Publishing's comprehensive catalog of gambling products, including books, software, and videos from dozens of publishers.

Together, our Masters offer a combined body of knowledge so sweeping in nature that it is safe to say that Donís Domain will fast become the one blackjack Web site no serious player could possibly afford to ignore. Whatís more, our resident experts are committed to dedicating their time and efforts almost exclusively to Donís Domain. With few exceptions, all of the Mastersí Internet blackjack participation will be concentrated at their "home base," guaranteeing their devotion to subscribersí questions and their commitment to producing new and incisive blackjack research.

So, if you're looking for the best advice on any aspect of the game of blackjack ¾ in the friendliest and most courteous environment imaginable ¾ please consider Don's Domain: Home of the Masters of Blackjack. It would be my pleasure to see you there!


Don Schlesinger is one of the most highly esteemed blackjack authorities in the world today. His more than 25 years as a blackjack writer, player, teacher, and lecturer have garnered him the respect, trust, and admiration of players on every level from beginner to the most knowledgeable expert. Don's professional vita includes a B.S. in Mathematics, M.A. and M. Phil degrees in French, and careers as a teacher in the New York City school system and as a principal at one of Wall Street's most prestigious investment banks. The passion, wisdom, and selflessness that Don commits to the blackjack community on a daily basis, as a frequent participant on Web sites and valued consultant to blackjack authors and researchers, is unparalleled. Don is the author of Blackjack Attack: Playing The Proís Way, which is available at

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