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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, December 2003, #47


Our end of year issue contains some good reading for blackjack players. First, you'll find out if LV Pro was able to increase his $10K playing bankroll following his recent trip to Sin City. You'll also read more about the infamous Green Chip party in LV Pro's trip report and some examples of how casinos have harassed card counters. His report also contains a nice count system to take advantage of the Lucky Ladies side bet. Fred Renzey does a marvelous job concisely explaining which variables are important for counting a shoe dealt game (excellent advice for counters - a must read). Hal Marcus, developer of the popular Blackjack 6-7-8 Strategy Cards, answers the question whether his unique Counter's Basic Strategy for 4-8 deck games can be used as is in 2-deck games. If you a Chicago area player or planning to visit, don't miss reading John Grochowski's report on the current state of blackjack playing conditions in this region. Alene Paone provides the skinny on the recently held Gambler's Jamboree in Tunica (I was there and it was great) and together with Frank Scoblete provide an update on current blackjack playing conditions in the Atlantic City casinos. Finally we've got an update on the schedule of major blackjack tournaments including an interesting blackjack cruise with tournament send in by a subscriber and the blackjack tournaments being held in the Fort Worth, TX area in January by Rick Jensen (Texas Tournaments).

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Henry Tamburin


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"With some time to kill before the Green Chip party, I played a short late afternoon session at Casino Royale, losing $130. I was waiting for Saint to meet me at the table like we had arranged since he needed a ride to the party. We wanted to get to the Green Chip party early for once, but everyone else must have had the same thought because every nearby parking spot was taken. The house was already full of many familiar faces when we arrived. Stanford Wong was there. So was Anthony Curtis. Mathprof, DD', Harry B and attorney Bob Nersessian..."

Read LVPRO's complete article.

BE THE DEALER, our online casino recommendation for 2003!

Be The Dealer Online Casino

"Unless you've never browsed the web or opened an e-mail, you've heard about online casinos. Be The Dealer has two promotions to take advantage of: a) 20% bonus (up to $200) on your first cash deposit, or b) $100 bonus on your first $100 cash deposit..."

Read the complete 'bonus leveraging' review.


"Throughout the world, shoe dealt blackjack comprises the vast majority of all casino "21" games. If you're a card counter and you limit your blackjack play to single and double deck games only, you're severely narrowing your horizons. It's like the aspiring poker pro who plays Texas Hold'em only, and steers clear of any Stud or Omaha games. Since he's not an "all-around athlete", he often finds himself in the heart of all the action with no game to play. Indeed, if you want to beat blackjack, it behooves you to learn which components of the shoe game make it good or bad..."

Read Renzey's complete article.


"Although you can obtain the Counter's Basic Strategy (CBS) for 2 decks using the Blackjack 6-7-8 software, the question is what level of accuracy will you achieve by using the "Blackjack 6-7-8 CBS strategy card for 4-8 Decks" in a 2-deck game. To answer this question, simulations (500 million-round for each simulation) were run using CBS for 2 Decks and CBS for 4-8 Decks..."

Read Marcus's complete article.

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"Blackjack players in Chicago have learned to take the good with the bad. The good? None of the eight casinos within a 45-mile drive of the Loop has tried the 6-5 payoffs on blackjacks or the "Super Fun 21" abominations that are bleeding bankrolls on the Las Vegas Strip. Continuous shuffling machines are rare --- there are a few at Harrah's in Joliet, Ill., but for the most part they were rejected by the marketplace a couple of years ago when they were rolled out in force on the Indiana side of the state border at Harrah's in East Chicago and Majestic Star in Gary..."

Read Grochowski's complete article.

ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete

"Borgota - the place to beat in AC. Aggressive marketing has given it the lion's share of the BJ market and it has become the place to play blackjack in Atlantic City..."

Read the Paone's and Scoblete's complete article.

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"November 14, 15, and 16 marked a first for Frank Scoblete and me. It also marked a first for our longtime friend and your publisher Henry Tamburin and a first for the Tunica, Mississippi market and, really, a first for the player side of the casino gambling equation. It was the Frank Scoblete Gamblers Jamboree (hey Frank holds it, he names it after himself!), one of the biggest gambles Frank ever took with time and money, which brought together some of the biggest names in the gaming business (player-side that is)..."

Read Paone's complete article.

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"Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report including a unique blackjack tournament on a cruise ship and the January Texas Tournaments with $50-$70K top prizes in Fort Worth, TX..."

Read the complete article.

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