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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, March 2004, #50


This month's issue of BJI begins with a comparison of the performance of the new and revolutionary Speed Count vs. the popular High Low card counting system (Dan Pronovost). LV Pro describes the results from his most recent trip to Sin City (check out the wild bankroll swings). We have updated reports on blackjack playing conditions from several casinos on the south end of the Strip (LV Tournament Pro) and also from Atlantic City (Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete). Mr. Pit Boss offers advice on how counters can get away with card counting. On the tournament front, Kenneth Smith describes the results of his play in the Stardust blackjack tournament and Richard McKelvey explains what is meant by, "The last hand is played before the first hand is dealt." Kenneth Smith, host of, presents a summary of upcoming major blackjack tournaments including the TV schedule for the $250,000 World Series of Blackjack (Ken was one of the participants). Last but not least, Rick Jensen provides BJI subscribers with a code they can use to get a discount on any domestic American Airline flight to Las Vegas during specific weeks in April and May.

We recently published the Best of the Blackjack Insider. If you enjoy reading the articles in each issue of BJI you will love reading the collection of articles that comprise the e-book. By purchasing the e-book ($19.95), you will also help defray our cost for publishing this FREE monthly newsletter for blackjack enthusiasts. For a list of the content and authors that contributed, click here. These articles have been removed from our archives, so this e-book is the only way to read these great articles! Formated for easy viewing and printing, the Best of the Blackjack Insider is a great way to read up on our best contributions over the years. Click here to purchase "Best of the Blackjack Insider" now.

I'm also pleased to report that Dan Pronovost, the developer of Speed Count, will be attending the April 24 and 25 Golden Touch Blackjack class in Las Vegas, which features his Speed Count (Dan will be assisting with the instruction along with yours truly and Frank Scoblete). We still have openings for this 2-day course so if you are want to attend I highly recommend that you sign up soon (for a limited time BJI subscribers get a special 20% discount... only $695 when you mention you are a Blackjack Insider subscriber. Visit or call 1-886-WIN-BJ21 toll free).

Dan and I recently spent two days and nights in Las Vegas developing the course content, training exercises, hands-on practice table play (lots of this), and software drills for the course. Great care was taken to ensure that participants, which may have different skill levels, will be able to learn Speed Count in 2-days. We believe it will be a worthwhile weekend for anyone that wants to learn a simple-to-play, yet powerful method that will give a verifiable, mathematical edge over the house. Remember that we are NOT publishing the details of Speed Count anywhere. You can only learn it in our 2-day Golden Touch Blackjack course. For more information about the course, click here. Also you might be interested in reading my Casino 101 column in the April issue of Casino Player magazine, which features an interview with Dan and introduction to Speed Count (if you'd like to subscribe to Casino Player magazine, we've arranged for a 10% discount including renewals for BJI subscribers- click on this link).

A reminder - if you come across an unfamiliar blackjack term in one of our articles or reports, see our Blackjack Glossary:

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Henry Tamburin


SPEED COUNT vs. HIGH LOW by Dan Pronovost

"As many of our fine readers now know, Henry Tamburin (editor of BJI) and myself (Dan Pronovost, production editor of BJI) teamed up to develop a new card counting system for Blackjack, called Speed Count. The result of two years of intense research and development is a new card counting system, different from anything before, that is many times easier to learn and master compared to popular existing systems. It brings the potential of blackjack card counting to the masses of gamblers who play without a positive edge, or have tried counting and failed..."

Read Pronovost's complete article.

a great Blackjack portal


"After over two hours of play, I was down $270. The next morning I again played that 60% pen MSS double-decker, this time at a $10 table. Spreading $15 to $80, with occasional drops to $10 in super-negative counts, I managed to lose $430 in an hour..."

Read LV PRO's complete article.


"My first stop was Mandalay Bay, which is in my opinion, one of the top three hotels in Las Vegas as far as amenities and service. Their blackjack game is also not bad as long as you do some scouting before you plop yourself and your hard earned money down at the table..."

Read Tournament Pro's complete article.

Las Vegas Advisor

ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone & Frank Scoblete

"Don't believe the newest financial figures coming out of AC - they are only "apparently" accurate. The fact of the matter is that Borgata is making money and Bally's Park Place is doing okay but the other casinos are not coming off a banner year; particularly the Trump properties. The increase in play is only seen in a small number of properties; the rest are hurting or about to hurt..."

Read Paone's and Scoblete's complete article.


"This month I'll offer tips to experienced card counters on how you can prolong your longevity as a counter. I'll assume that you are a solid basic strategy player (if you haven't perfected your basic strategy, than you better bone up if you want to succeed as a counter)..."

Read Mr Pit Bosse's complete article.

 Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows


"Today was the first day of play in the Stardust tournament. One of the main reasons I'm in Las Vegas this week was a report that the Stardust event was short quite a few players, and might provide a big overlay as a result. That is, the prize money might be much higher than the total entry fees..."

Read Smith's complete article.

Smart Gaming web site


"In many of my previous articles I've touched on the subject of developing a strategy that allows you to have "staying power" during a tournament. It is important to pace yourself to be in position to play the final five hands where most tournaments are decided..."

Read McKelvey's complete article.


"Check out the discount code that I've negotiated for coach and first class flights to Las Vegas on American Airlines during specific days in April & May. I've also listed the blackjack tournaments that are being offered in Las Vegas during that time..."

Read Jensen's complete article.


"Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments by region and also the TV schedule for the World Series of Blackjack in our Blackjack Tournament Report..."

Read the complete article.

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