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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Oct. 2004, #57


This month's newsletter is loaded with informative articles and reports to make you a smarter gambler. Our feature article is on how to leverage bonuses from online casinos for profit by Dan Pronovost. Other articles include the scoop on Las Vegas rip-offs by Scott Michaels (his top ten rip-offs will surprise you). How to play poker on the Internet by Bill Burton. The details of Barfarkel's (a.k.a. LV Pro's) September trip to Las Vegas. The latest blackjack playing conditions in Atlantic City including the casino that has the best game (by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete). Two tournament playing strategy articles by tournament experts Kenneth Smith and LV Tournament Pro. And last but not least, a summary of upcoming blackjack tournaments courtesy of

We anticipate the publication of Barfarkel's long awaited new book, "You've Got Heat - The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro", in November. Normally his detailed and informative trip reports that appear in BJI are restricted to members only. However, this month and next we will publish his two part September trip report in its entirety to coincide with the launch of his new book. We also plan to offer the book at 30% off the retail price (the lowest price anywhere) for BJI members ONLY. Details on this members-only discount will appear in the November issue of BJI. To read more about the BJI member benefits, click here.

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A reminder - if you come across an unfamiliar blackjack term in one of our articles or reports, see our Blackjack Glossary:

E-mail subscribers can also read each month's issue online at our web site: BJI Issue #57, Oct. 2004.

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" Unless you've been living under a rock without Internet access, you've probably heard of online casinos. You probably have also been flooded by their advertisements, both in your wanderings on the web and in your e-mail box. Online casinos are a huge business… the gaming taxes alone they paid to all their host countries amounted to over 3 billion in 2003 (imagine the profit)! But can you beat them? In this article, we'll provide an overview of a classic online casino advantage approach, with some new and surprising statistical analysis about leveraging bonuses..."

Read Pronovost's complete article.

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LAS VEGAS RIP-OFFS by Scott Michaels

"In recent years, the cost of the typical Vegas vacation has increased substantially. The days of the $4.99 dinner buffet, $29 show ticket and $39 room rate are a thing of the past. Sure, a visitor can still see a second rate production for $29 and stay in a dump for $39, but a first rate Cirque-quality show, while staying in a nice Strip room? Fuhgetaboutit. In today's Las Vegas, there is no shortage of rip-offs. Here are my Top Ten..."

Read Michaels' complete article.


"Online poker has grown and there are actually many advantages to playing poker online. Whether you are a brand new player trying the game for the first time, a seasoned pro or a player somewhere in between you can find a game to your liking online. This month I'll go over some of the advantages to playing poker online..."

Read Burton's complete article.

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LAS VEGAS TRIP REPORT - Sept. 2004 by Barfarkel (a.k.a. LV Pro)

"Heading to Terrible's, I found the penetration not much better... 55% from one dealer, and 60% from another. I was down at first until the key hand appeared. I had $50 bet on a plus two true count, and got a pair of nines vs. a deuce. I split the nines. Got a four on the first one and had to stand with thirteen. On the second nine, I got a two and doubled down, not bothering to look at my down card. The dealer turned a five in the hole for seven, hit with a six, and hit again with a beautiful red queen for a bust and a sweet $150 win. That hand marked the turning point in this session, as I was never behind again..."

Read Barfarkel's complete article.

ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete

"Being reporters for this great newsletter is usually fun. What's not fun about going to casinos? However, Atlantic City's blackjack games are rapidly becoming unplayable, except in the high roller rooms where most people just can't afford to play. That is not fun, unless you want to scout around for eight-deckers that have really deep penetration. Wonging is largely a waste of time in AC because the tables are usually crowded. Blackjack is defined as very sad..."

Read Paone's and Scobelete's complete article.


"Sometimes expert play at a tournament blackjack is about more than just mathematics and luck. There's also a human component. In poker, they say "Don't play the cards, Play the people." While psychology will never play as important a role in blackjack as it does in poker, playing the players at your table can still improve your win rate in blackjack tournaments..."

Read Smith's complete article.

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"Most tournament players arrive at a table and ask the dealer a typical question like "how many hands are we playing" or "what is the minimum and maximum bet?" When I hear players ask those questions, I know they are not prepared for tournament play..."

Read Tournament Pro's complete article.


"More rants from LVBear: New Jersey regulators who failed to stop the 6 to 5 single deck rip-off; Nevada regulators embarrassing us again about an advertisement on a silly bill board; Stanford Wong getting ripped-off at the Palace Station casino; and Las Vegas needing some "Southern Hospitality..."

Read LVBear's complete article.


"Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report..."

Read the complete article.


Smaller on-going blackjack tournaments throughout Las Vegas.

Read the complete report.

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