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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, Nov. 2004, #58


We begin this months issue of BJI with the inside scoop on the recently taped World Series of Blackjack (yours truly along with BJI contributors Kenneth Smith, LV Tournament Pro, and Rick Jensen were invited to participate). Our feature article by Fred Renzey offers valuable tips on what can card counters can and should do to further increase their advantage over the house. The gaming industry recently held their annual Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas and we've got a report on what's new in blackjack from John Grochowski. Bill Burton in his All About Poker column covers the safety of playing poker online. LV Tournament Pro reports on the current blackjack playing conditions in three casinos located on Paridise Rd., one block from the famed LV Strip. You also won't believe what happened to him with security in one casino while he was taking notes for this report (you've got to read this). Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete report on the latest blackjack conditions in Atlantic City including which casino currently offers the best game (you'll also get tips on where the best craps games are in AC). Kenneth Smith offers excellent advice for tournament players who are way behind the leader(s) with only a few hands left to play and thinking about doubling down. LVBear offers some growls (the new MindPlay blackjack table) and some praise (to a local LV lawyer defending advantage players) in his The Bear Growls feature. We also have the conclusion of Barfarkel's (aka LV Pro's) September card counting adventure to Sun City where it was touch and go whether or not the trip would end up proftable. Finally we have the latest schedule of upcoming blackjack tournaments and there are several good ones in December (I'll be playing in the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Tournament round).

You've Got Heat-The Vegas Card Counting Adventures of LV Pro

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Henry Tamburin


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" I was invited to participate in the recently taped World Series of Blackjack. This report gives a brief overview of the tournament from my experiences as a player..."

Read Tamburin's complete article.

a great Blackjack portal


"Once you memorize your basic strategy and get a card counting system down pat, you've got the tools to take on the casino, on their court and be the favorite. That's the pure "scientific" part of the game. Winning at blackjack is mostly "science", but it's also part "art". Some of this artful play is just an extension of the math, but other artful play comes from thinking "outside the box". Following are a few scientific and artful things you can do to increase your edge at blackjack..."

Read Renzey's complete article.

INSIDE THE G2E by John Grochowski

"Blackjack, of course, remains the most-played casino table game, so it wasn't ignored entirely at this year's show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A few new games were on display, along with a few wrinkles in the battle some casinos insist on fighting to stop those dastardly souls who would attempt to gain the upper hand..."

Read Grochowski's complete article.

 Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows

LAS VEGAS TRIP REPORT - Part 2 (Sept. 2004) by Barfarkel (a.k.a. LV Pro)

"Disaster struck in my first session of the new day. Hoping to keep my rating intact for future comps, I played that lousy Terrible's two-decker with 60% penetration. Switching tables several times, it took me all of seventy-five minutes to lose my entire $575 net trip profit. So now I was even for the trip again and back to square one..."

Read Barfarkel's complete article.


"I have been playing online poker for a few years. When I discuss online poker with players who have yet to give it a try, it seems I always get asked this question, "Is it safe?" The number one concern players have about online poker is whether they will be cheated by other players or by the site. This is a legitimate concern and one that needs to be addressed..."

Read Burton's complete article.

ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete

"Are the games any better in the cold weather? Yes, they are, although there are fewer six-deck games in AC now that Borgata is starting to incorporate the eight-deckers into their mix. But the good news is that there are more $5 and $10 games as the weather gets chilly. Some of these games will start to go deeper too..."

Read Paone's and Scoblete's complete article.

Smart Gaming web site


"One of the great things about writing articles about blackjack tournament strategy is that I always learn something during the process. This month's topic is a great example. I set out to answer what I thought was a simple question. What I learned was a real surprise..."

Read Smith's complete article.


"Is playing blackjack on Paradise Road really paradise for blackjack players? For me it was anything but paradise and I will elaborate on that point in a moment. But for you, it may be just what the doctor ordered for your blackjack game. The three casinos on Paradise Rd. (one block east of the Strip) that I recently visited are the Las Vegas Hilton, Terribles, and an almost completed report on the Hard Rock Casino, which I now consider Alcatraz. The story on what happened to me there while collecting information for this report is unbelievable..."

Read Tournament Pro's complete article.


"More rants (MindPlay) and surprisingly some praise (LV lawyer Rob Nersesian) from LVBear..."

Read LVBear's complete article.


Check out the schedule of blackjack tournaments by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report.

Read the complete article.

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