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BJI Newsletter, March 2007, #86


8750. If you play in elimination blackjack tournaments, understanding what that number means can improve your chances of winning. Get all the details on the importance of 8750 in Kenneth Smith's article. Speaking of tournaments, Joe Pane played in the week-long series of tournaments in the Oklahoma State Blackjack Championship and reports on what went down. If you are new to elimination blackjack and want to learn the basics (including the terrific overlays on then you need to read World Blackjack Champion Kenny Einiger's article. Our newest BJI contributing writer "Ian Macalester" writes about the good blackjack games that he discovered in the Shreveport-Bossier City casinos. According to an AC player, blackjack tournaments are coming to Atlantic City. Read about this, plus where to find the best games in AC, in Alene Paone's and Frank Scoblete report. After a three month layoff, Barfarkel made his first trip to Sin City in 2007 and we've got the details. Also check-out LVBear's latest growls. Lastly, we have a summary of the best 6-deck blackjack games in LV by yours truly, tips from Bill Burton on how to play short-handed Texas Hold'em games, and a summary of upcoming blackjack tournaments in different regions of the country courtesy of

The next Golden Touch Blackjack course featuring Speed Count will be held in a few weeks in Atlantic City (March 24/25). In just one weekend of intensive hands-on training with our Professional Instructors in our simulated casino and you will become an advantage player. There are still a few openings. For details call our toll-free number 1-800-944-0406. BJI readers get $100 off the normal sign-up rate ($695 is the discounted tuition).

Rick Jensen reports that his first Tournament Blackjack Tour (TBT) event will be held May 10-13 at the River Palms casino in Laughlin, NV. There will be satellite tournaments all day Thursday, $150 + $15 entry blackjack tournaments on Friday & Sunday, plus a $300 + $30 entry tournament on Saturday. The TBT offers some of the best tournament rules. Note: There is a $40 TBJPA membership fee; however, you will get $50 off the end of season championship tournament entry fee for every TBJPA dues that you pay. For more details email Rick at Rick has also organized a 5-day Blackjack Cruise that will be leaving July 14 from New Orleans to the Western Caribbean. There will be two major blackjack and several sit and goes tournaments during the cruise. For details contact Tammy Edney at

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    Henry Tamburin


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    "As the old saying goes, "If I can do it while holding a can of beer in my hand, it's not a sport" and it certainly applies to Blackjack. But what I mean here is that many players think the table must use some sort of cooperation in order to beat the dealer. Yes, team play can be a very effective way of extracting $$$ from the casinos and perhaps I'll cover that in future articles. But what I'm talking about now is just you, a lone card counter, sitting down at a table occupied by players you do not know or at least with whom you have no agreement for sharing your wins or losses..."

    Read GameMaster's complete article.


    "Elimination blackjack is the newest, and probably the most exciting way, to play in a blackjack tournament. If you are lucky enough one day to win a seat playing on, viewers from around the world will watch you play in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour on prime time on CBS-TV..."

    Read Einiger's complete article.

    LAS VEGAS TRIP REPORT- Feb. 2007 by Barfarkel

    "In for $200, then another $150, I went up and down during the ninety minutes I played. The highest point I could achieve was only $50 away from being even. They wanted to close my table and, when my lone table-mate left, I had a dream game with no one else allowed to join. Head's up, 75% pen on the double-deck, the ability to spread to my heart's content, a clueless pit, no heat or scrutiny, and no one could come in to clutter up my table..."

    Read Barfarkel's complete article.

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    THE BEST 6-DECK GAMES IN LAS VEGAS by Henry Tamburin

    "You'd be hard pressed not to find a 6-deck blackjack game in Las Vegas. The game is offered in most casinos on and off the Strip. However, some 6-deck games are worth your while, and others are simply a rip off. My goal in this article is to summarize the best 6-deck games currently available for basic strategy players and also for card counters..."

    Read Tamburin's complete article.

    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete

    "The day when Atlantic City dominated casino gambling on the upper East Coast has ended. The Connecticut casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, nipped at the heels of Atlantic City over the years, but the new Pennsylvania slot parlors have already taken a nice bloody bite out of the Queen of Resorts' leg..."

    Read Scoblete's and Paone's complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site


    "There's a place in the Eastern United States that has five big casinos offering blackjack with minimum bets as low as $5 (without continuous shuffle machines) and maximum bets as high as $10,000; where there are no god-awful eight-deck shoes, and where no dealer hits soft 17, or cuts off more than a deck and a half out of six. It may not be blackjack heaven, but Shreveport-Bossier City, La. casinos offer some very playable shoe games..."

    Read Macalester's complete article.


    "In this month's column, I want to look at one very specific idea that comes from the typical UBT tournament rules. UBT rounds start each player with $25,000 in chips, and betting is from $500 to $25,000 in $500 increments. Surrender is allowed as well. At the final table, the bankrolls and betting limits change, with players starting with $100,000 in chips and betting $1000 to $100,000 in $1000 increments. I'm going to focus for now on the $25K bankroll game, though all the ideas are relevant in the final table situation as well..."

    Read Smith's complete article.

    Poker Drill Master for Windows


    "One of the first things Richard Taylor said to me after winning the first Oklahoma State Blackjack Championship was that he loves taking the LOW. Well he took the Low all the way to the HIGH of being the first ever Oklahoma State blackjack champion. In winning this championship, Richard also took home over $22,000, the biggest win ever in his tournament career..."

    Read Pane's complete article.


    "Las Vegas blackjack player, casino critic, and frequent BJI and contributor LVBear offers his opinions on things that sometimes go wrong in the world of casinos..."

    Read LVBear's complete article.

    BonsuBots Automated Player


    "Many players will avoid playing in short-handed games and in doing so they are missing out on a profitable situation. Many times a short handed game can be more profitable to playing at a full table if you know how to adjust for the reduced number of players. The blinds will come around faster and many times the pots will be smaller but you will be playing more hands than you would at a full table. You will also be raking in more pots..."

    Read our Burton's complete article.


    Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report.

    Read our tournament schedule.

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