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How To Win EVEN MORE Blackjack Tournaments - Volume II
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BJI Newsletter, December 2007, #95


Yikes, only 20 or so days till Christmas! If you haven't started your Christmas shopping yet, I've got a suggestion on how you can avoid the long lines and hassles at the malls. How? Check out my Gift Giving Guide 101, which contains some awesome products that you can give to your friends, family members, and even business associates who enjoy going to casinos. You can purchase these products with just a click of the mouse. See below for details.

We begin our December issue of BJI with more details from The GameMaster on how to beat the double deck games (don't miss reading this article because it contains a wealth of excellent information). There is good news and bad new from Barfarkel. His recent trip to Vegas netted him a very nice $3,000 profit; however, he was backed-off the blackjack tables at three casinos in the process. Read his trip report for the details. According to Frank Scoblete, Atlantic City casinos are comping like crazy these days. Plus one of his reporters reports a weekly blackjack tournament has started in AC. Get the details in the AC BJ Report. Insurance is a bad bet, right? Well, maybe not, if you playing in a tournament. In this month's The House of Pane column, Joe Pane explains how you can use the Insurance bet to confuse your opponents and win your round. According to Ken Smith, in tournament play "there is always a better bet." Now Ken is saying " there is also a worse bet." Read Ken's article for the explanation. "Rebuy" Bob Swanson describes how it's possible to get a free vacation in Seattle by playing in the over 70 weekly tournaments offered by casinos in the area. Don't gamble on your taxes! Jean Scott and Melissa Chien have written the new book, Tax Help For Gamblers, and we have an excerpt. (Also check out my quote, based on my experience with the taxing authorities, on the back cover.) John Grochowski attended the recent casino industry's Global Gaming Conference in Vegas and reports on all things blackjack that he found there, including the scoop on Guaranteed Blackjack, which will be soon be coming to a casino near you. The American Casino Guide is the all time best-selling book on casino gambling, and I interviewed the author Steve Bourie to get the scoop on why his book has become such a best-seller. Do you wear sunglasses and a hat when you play poker to project that "poker pro" image? Better think twice about this, according to Bill Burton. Read Bill's article for the details. Last but not least, we have the updated schedule of blackjack tournaments courtesy of

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Henry Tamburin



Here are some suggests on what you can give a friend or family member or even a business associate that enjoys casino gambling. All the products highlighted below are available in our secure online store, and all are discounted to save you money. We ship all products by fast Priority Mail so you'll get them in plenty of time for Christmas (longer for non continental-US orders).

  • Blackjack Players: Maximizing your earning potential in blackjack means knowing basic strategy and the right plays for every combination of player and dealer hands. Our set of four Ultimate Basic Strategy Strategy cards contain the traditional and advanced playing strategy. Learn to beat the casino with the easiest advantage play method: Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution contains an easy card counting technique for average players plus a free computer software CD that they can use to practice the Speed Count at home. For experienced players, how about giving them a copy of the Professional Blackjack CD software bundle or Speed Count Blackjack CD software bundle, which have everything they need to help them play like a pro.

  • Card Counters: Experienced advantage players would enjoy reading the insider information contained in the new book, Advantage Play for the Casino Executive by Bill Zender, a blackjack card counter, casino operator, and former enforcement agent for Nevada Gaming Control.

  • Tournament Players: They will be forever grateful if you give them a copy of Ken Smith's How To Win More Blackjack Tournaments e-book.

  • Slot Players: Do them a favor and give them Jean Scott's Frugal Video Poker book, and convert them from losing slot players to video poker players so they can win for a change.

  • Video Poker Players: Several choices which include: The Frugal Video Poker Scouting Guide, so they will be able to locate the best video poker games in any casino; a set of three handy video poker strategy cards that they can use when playing; or the software training program Frugal Video Poker, so they can practice their playing strategy on their PC.

  • Craps Players: The book, Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution, which explains dice control in words and pictures.

  • Poker Players: Get them a set of the Poker 6-7-8 strategy cards or the Poker Drill Master CD software training tool, which will help them learn how to make good betting decision.

  • All purpose gift for any casino player: You can't go wrong if you give them a copy of the 2008 American Casino Guide (containing over $1,000 in coupons), or the new Tax Help For Gamblers.

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    "Several years ago, one of my readers contracted me to develop a plan of action for him to become a professional Blackjack player … He paid for my time, but you'll get what he got at no cost..."

    Read The GameMaster's complete article.

    G2E REPORT by John Grochowski

    "When the doors opened to G2E 2007 on Nov. 13-15 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there were Guaranteed Play slots. But guess what else is up for the Guaranteed Play treatment? You guessed it. Guaranteed Play blackjack..."

    Read Grochowski's complete article.


    "Insurance is a lousy bet in a non-tournament games because the house has the edge over basic strategy players. However, taking insurance in tournaments can be a valuable wager if you know how to use it your advantage..."

    Read Pane's complete article.

     Blackjack Training software for handhelds and Windows

    LAS VEGAS TRIP REPORT- Part 2 (SEPT/OCT) by Barfarkel

    "We drove north on Rancho Drive towards Santa Fe Station. This time we each found decent double-deck tables to play. At my $25 table, after ten minutes, the count hadn't gone any distance up or down so I was just betting $25 and $30 and waiting for a good high count. Standing behind me and calling my name was a bald, one-armed man..."

    Read Barfarkel's complete article.

    TAX HELP FOR GAMBLERS by Jean Scott & Marissa Chien

    "Paying taxes on my gambling wins? You've got to be kidding. Sure, sometimes I win, but my losses are always much larger than my wins by the end of the year. So I don't have to mess with it on my federal or state tax returns." Wrong! You probably should "mess with it," especially if you hold any of the following common but mistaken beliefs..."

    Read Scott's complete book excerpt.

    ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete

    "Atlantic City, as we predicted over a year ago, is heading downhill because of the slot parlors in Pennsylvania, and the smoking bans that reduce playing time. That is actually good news for the players as comps are getting easier to obtain for low and medium rollers. Not a day - and we mean this literally - goes by without us getting a letter or brochure from some property in AC - even properties that we have never played at..."

    Read Paone and Scoblete's complete article.

    Smart Gaming web site

    THERE'S ALWAYS A WORSE BET by Kenneth R. Smith

    "No matter how bad a betting decision you make, you can probably think of a worse one. Of course, we are normally not at all interested in that angle. But today, just for fun, let's see what happens when we turn the Tournament Zone upside down, and explore the world of 'worse bets'...

    Read Smith's complete article.

    EARN A FREE VACATION IN SEATTLE by "Rebuy" Bob Swanson

    "Of course, the subject of my article is tournaments, and the obvious implication is that while you are in the Seattle area vacationing, you can nail a tournament or two to cover your vacation costs. Sounds like a plan that could work. In fact, it is and it does, and I'll give you a road map on how to do it..."

    Read Swanson's complete article.


    "Steve Bourie has sold more than 550,000 copies of his American Casino Guide, and it's now the #1 bestselling book in the U.S. on casino gambling. I recently got the chance to interview Steve, and here's what he had to say..."

    Read Tamburin's complete article.

    Poker Drill Master for Windows


    "Some of your table image is conveyed in the manner in which you dress. Psychologically, most of us make some sort of judgment of a new person that we meet based on the person’s appearance. That's why in business they always tell you to "dress for success," because the first impression you make can be very important..."

    Read Burton's complete article.


    Check out the schedule of major blackjack tournaments in December and January by region in our Blackjack Tournament Report.

    Read our tournament schedule.

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