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Blackjack Insider Newsletter, December 2002, #36


This month's newsletter contains reports on the current blackjack playing conditions along the Gulf Coast (CC Rider) and Atlantic City (Alene Paone & Frank Scoblete); a close look at the Beau Rivage Casino Resort (CC Rider); a first overview of the new game Blackjack Switch (Alene Paone & Frank Scoblete); more rants from Mr. Pit Boss along with valuable tips for advantage players; a summary of Don's Domain, a discussion group for serious blackjack players (Donald Schlesinger); and our updated schedule of mini and major blackjack tournaments.

A reminder - if you come across an unfamiliar blackjack term in one of our articles or reports, see our Blackjack Glossary.

Henry Tamburin

Back To The Gulf Coast by CC Rider

CC Rider reports on the latest blackjack playing conditions in the Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi casinos including his recommendation on where you will find the best blackjack game on the coast. He also reviews the Beau Rivage Casino Resort (feature casino) and concludes his report with a laughable story about a "ploppie".

Read CC Riders complete report.

ATLANTIC CITY BLACKJACK REPORT by Alene Paone & Frank Scoblete

Alene Paone and Frank Scoblete report on the current blackjack playing conditions in Atlantic City including where to find the best blackjack game. They also report on the changes that are coming to the Sands casino and the rules and house edge for Blackjack Switch, a new and unique blackjack game that was recently tested in AC.

Read Alene Paone's and Frank Scoblete's complete report.


Mr. Pit Boss gives us a first hand glimpse of what it's like to work in a Las Vegas casino over the Xmas holiday season and what you should not do to irritate casino workers during this time. He also provides solid advice on how advantage players can benefit during this time.

Read Mr. Pit Boss's full article.

DON'S DOMAIN by Donald Schlesinger

Donald Schlesinger is one of the most highly esteemed blackjack authorities in the world today. He has been a valued consultant to blackjack authors (myself included) and devotes a tremendous amount of his time answering player's questions about all facets of blackjack. Don has expanded his popular Don's Domain, one of the most comprehensive and reliable Blackjack sites on the Internet today, to include the Masters of Blackjack.

Learn more about Don's Domain.


Complete schedule of upcoming mini and major blackjack tournaments including date, casino name/location, entry fee, number of decks, prize pool, and a phone number to register or get more information.

Get all the info.

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